Video by Senior Master Sgt. Michael Davis
Teranga Healthcare
158th Fighter Wing
June 12, 2024 | 5:11
The Vermont National Guard led a multi-national medical exercise composed of Airmen and Soldiers from the Vermont and New Hampshire National Guard, medical providers from the Austrian armed forces, and military medical providers from the Senegalese armed forces, who all worked alongside hospital teams located in Tambacounda, Kedougou, and Goudiry, in Senegal, which is located on the west coast of Africa, June, 2024. This MEDREX 2024 mission allows U.S., Austrian, and Senegalese teams to be integrated into these local hospitals, partnering directly with doctors, nurses, and staff in order to share medical knowledge, practice, and insights while helping out these local Senegalese communities.

Senegal is known for its hospitality, often referred to as “Teranga,” which signifies the warm, welcoming nature of its people. The MedRex team embraced this spirit, emphasizing their ability to impart “Teranga Healthcare,” providing compassionate and comprehensive care while building strong relationships with the local communities.

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