• A New Era for the Green Mountain Boys

    SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (Nov. 7, 2019) — Months, and even years, of preparation have now culminated to one day, one event. Rigging and spotlights have been carefully hung over the ceiling of the hangar, while below the aircraft sits perfectly illuminated. Endless work by Airmen of the 158th Fighter Wing has paid off in bringing two new fighter jets to the base in a historic first. Now, their efforts are being presented to countless visitors, including leadership from across the National Guard, with the eyes of the world upon them. With attendees awaiting in the hangar, and the lights dimmed, the men and women of the wing who have made the event possible enter to a standing ovation.
  • 158th Civil Engineering Squadron Presented with Federal Energy and Water Management Award

    SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt., (October 24, 2019) – The 158th Civil Engineering Squadron (CES) was recently awarded with a Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) Federal Energy and Water Management Award from the U.S. Department of Energy, celebrating the procedures and policies they have implemented on base to increase energy efficiency, reduce spending, and preserve natural resources. This award is presented annually to federal employees, groups and agencies that demonstrate reductions in energy waste, an increase in cost efficiency, and advancements towards energy resilience and security.
  • 434th ARW helps deliver first F-35s to Vermont ANG

    The 434th ARW refueled two F-35s over the Midwest during their delivery to the 158th Fighter Wing out of the Vermont Air National Guard Base, South Burlington, Vermont. The National Guard unit is the first Air National Guard unit to receive the aircraft.
  • 158th FW Pilots Reunite for F-35 Lessons in Florida

    SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt., (September 17, 2019) — Two months have gone by of simulators, briefings, debriefings and over 150 hours of instruction. It leads up to being on your own, no backseat, no one with you. There is a certain amount of anxiety that comes with the unknowns of doing something for the first time. For the first flight however, Capt. Jeremy Devlin will be there, a familiar face in roles that are now reversed. Lt. Col. Nathan Graber, a pilot assigned to the 134th Fighter Squadron of the Vermont Air National Guard, once instructed Devlin when he was a new F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot. Now, as a new F-35 Lightning II pilot, it is Graber’s turn to be the student.
  • A Vermont Trailblazer Recognized

    “I can’t do what I do without the (personnel) team helping. This took a team of people to accomplish what was accomplished, it wasn’t just one person doing it all. In the end, it’s the strength of the personal relationships that you make and the strength of the team that you’re working with – through it all we take care of the Airmen at the end of the day,” said Veronneau.
  • VTANG Readies for F-35 Arrival

    SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. – Airmen across the 158th Fighter Wing gathered at the traffic management office (TMO) of the 158th Logistics Readiness Squadron to assist with the Green Mountain Boy’s landmark induction of support equipment for the F-35 mission. Aspects of data compliance and inventory procedural guidance are some of the required tasks in effort to effectively support the Vermont Air National Guard’s new mission in the upcoming months.

    Vermont Airmen and Soldiers recently teamed-up against five Air and Army National Guard units for a three-day regional marksmanship competition. From June 21st through the 23rd, guard members from across six states squared off to determine which marksmen will advance to the national level later this year.
  • Taking Charge of Your ANG Officer Career

    Commissioned officers, regardless of branch of service, must successfully complete PME coursework to become eligible for their targeted rank and grade. Philbrook was one of a student body of over 200 officers which were divided into groups of 14 to 16 students to discuss, examine and debate an array of topics that usually stemmed from a vast list of reading materials and lectures.
  • VTANG Conducts QRF Training

    Airmen of the 158th Fighter Wing recently participated in Quick Reaction Force (QRF) training to prepare for state domestic aid response. The Vermont National Guard trains annually to maintain competency in handling public disturbances and natural disasters.
  • Coming Together for a Good Cause

    Throughout early Spring, a dynamic team of Airmen collaborated with a Scouts of America youth camp in part of an ongoing community support initiative that was established in the mid-1990’s. During their time in the hills of the green mountains, Airmen of the Vermont Air National Guard focused their efforts and skills to update key facilities to give camp goers a better experience during their next visit.


158FW 19-10- Transient F-35s Landing
158FW 19-02 - Jet Transport
158FW 19-01 - Night Operations
158FW 18-07 - Night Operations
158FW 18-06 - July 4th Flyovers
158FW 18-05 - Sugarhouse MOA Training
158FW 18-04 - Memorial Day Flyovers
158FW 18-02 - Standard Ops
158FW 18-01 - Night Ops