The 158th Medical Group (“MDG”) is composed of the following mechanisms, functions and responsibilities to provide members with healthcare services, preventive services as well as patient care and routine testing:

The 158th Medical Support Squadron (SGS): 

  • Clinical Laboratory Flight (SGSL). Collects, analyzes and prepares reports on biologic specimens, such as blood samples.
  • Diagnostic Imaging Flight (SGSQ). Accomplishes, records, interprets and stores radiographic scans, fluoroscopy and ultrasounds. May perform angiograms, guided biopsies, myelograms and other procedures.
  • Provides and arranges for the personnel and administrative needs for the medical group.
  • Readiness Flight: Leads operational readiness training and exercise planning for all medical personnel. Ensures medical forces are organized, trained and equipped to meet in-garrison and deployed mission requirements. Conducts medical UDM functions and force readiness reporting.
  • Resource Management Flight: Plans, programs, allocates and accounts for manpower and funds. Performs billing and collecting, data analysis, workload accounting and other related functions.

The 158th Medical Operations Squadron: Plans, organizes, operates and evaluates a comprehensive system of health care, to include the development of processes to provide seamless and accessible beneficiary-focused, diagnostic, preventive, and treatment related services. Provides patient education and continuity of care for health maintenance, as well as for the acute and chronic management of disease and injuries. 


The 158th Aerospace Medicine Squadron: Supports the operational Air Force by enhancing the health of its people: ensuring a fit force, preventing disease and injury, protecting the environment, and, anticipating and responding to medical contingencies in all environments and workplaces. Also provides and supports regulatory assessments, risk assessments, enhanced mission performance, planning, and public relations/risk communication service-lines.

The 158th Inpatient Operations Squadron: 

  • Provides or arranges for the full scope of inpatient clinical health care services for the defined population normally on a 24/7 basis.
  • Assesses the health care needs and expectations of the population served; plans, organizes, operates, evaluates, and improves a comprehensive system of inpatient health care services from admission to discharge; develops processes to provide seamless, customer-focused access, assessment, diagnostic services, preventive and treatment services.
  • Education and continuity in all care settings for health maintenance as well as acute and chronic management of disease and injury; supports information requirements of beneficiaries, staff, and management; and, develops a program to continuously analyze and improve system performance, to include measures of customer satisfaction, clinical outcomes, costs, and effectiveness of all key processes.