The 158th Maintenance Group 

  • Quality Assurance (QA) to enforce safety and protocol standards to ensure all maintenance procedures are followed and recommends corrective actions.
  • Maintenance Operations (MXO) provides the group with maintenance operations control information, analytics, plans, scheduling, documentation, engine management and liaises supply requirements. Additionally, MXO coordinates engineering and technical services, manages Group programs, support plans, maintenance facilities, budgets, external commercial contracts, workforce structure, solidifies communications and status of resources and training reporting.
  • Maintenance Supply Liaisons (MSL) support all Logistics Readiness Squadron initiatives and are matrixed to Maintenance Operations and coordinate efforts via Maintenance Operations Flight.
  • Maintenance Supervision (MXM) consist of overall management and supervision of daily maintenance activities, to include production supervision.
  • Maintenance Supervision (MXA) provides management and supervision of daily maintenance activities.
  • Debrief (MXAF) supports the Group by tracking discrepancies, deviations, utilization and applicable flight data for each aircraft at the end of scheduled missions.
  •  Aircraft Maintenance Units (AMU) service, inspect, maintain, launch and recover assigned aircraft and ensure mobility requirements are sustained.
  • Aircraft Support Flight (MXAS) provides support to flight line maintenance and generation activities, including: maintaining technical orders, hazardous materials, bench and operating stock; preparing equipment/supply items for deployment; controlling and maintaining TMDE; control and storage items and equipment as well as safety and protective equipment.

The 158th Maintenance Squadron

  • Provides back-shop support to perform on and off-equipment maintenance tasks that are assigned to a specific work center. These organizations provide both organizational and intermediate level maintenance and supports a multitude of operations.
  • (Specifically assigned) Maintenance Supervision (MXM) provides tailored management and supervision of daily activities, to include production supervision.
  • Fabrication Flight (MXMF) performs inspection, repair and the fabrication of aircraft components, non-destructive inspection of aircraft and corresponding components; as well as structural repair.
  • Accessories Flight (MXMC) performs off-equipment maintenance on pneudralic systems, aircraft and support equipment electrical systems, batteries and environmental systems; as well as egress systems.
  • Avionics Flight (MXMV) performs diagnostic and off-equipment maintenance on communication-navigation, electronic warfare, guidance control, reconnaissance and sensor systems and repair functions.
  • Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) Flight performs inspections, maintenance, pickup and delivery; as well as time compliance technical orders of AGE. Stores or prepares AGE for shipment.
  • Armament Flight (MXMR) performs off-equipment maintenance of weapons release systems, guns, munitions racks, adapters, pylons and launchers.
  • Munitions Flight (MXMW) performs maintenance on and accounts for conventional munitions, containers, dispensers, training items and associated support equipment. Maintains, receives, stores, delivers and obtains disposition instructions for munitions.
  • Propulsion Flight (MXMP) performs off-equipment inspection, repair, maintenance and testing of engines and associated engine support equipment.
  • Test Measurement Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Flight (MXMD) performs on-site or in-laboratory testing, repair and calibration of precision measurement equipment.

The 158th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (AMXS) provides direct mission generation support of tactical aircraft support by consolidation and executing on-equipment activities necessary to produce properly configured, mission-ready weapon system to meet operational contingency, or training mission requirements. The 158th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron provides personnel service; inspects, maintains, launches and recovers aircraft.