History of the 315th Fighter Squadron

The Air Force depends on Total Force processes to support a strong and ready force. On 24 November 2004, the CSAF directed ACC to PCS at least 10 RegAF maintainers in the normal FY05 assignment cycle to Burlington, VT to test the Community Basing concept with the Vermont ANG..


This unit arrived at VTANG in July of 2005 and initially had 12 Airman, all of which were in maintenance. That number included the first two individuals that supervised the unit, Captain Meyers and MSgt Harms. It was originally known as the Community Basing initiative. That test phase ended at the completion of the second six-month review. In February of 2006, the SECAF/CSAF directed ACC and the NGB to continue the CSAF directed community basing initiative.

It has since transitioned to Det 134 and now currently the 315th FS which was effectively stood up on January 10th 2016. A considerable amount of time was spent in the early stages researching AFI’s and coordinating with many sources to insure active duty personnel assigned to VTANG kept pace with all active duty requirements. They sorted out policies and procedures here at the 158th FW that differed from those of the 20th FW to continue to evolve the detachment. 


There were minor roadblocks and issues noted while trying to fully embed in the VTANG as noted by CMSgt Bill LaPointe who was the 158th FW Command Chief at the time. He noted that in his observations the detachment’s leadership handled any and all issues swiftly and professionally. There was concern since DET leadership was the first line and second line supervision as well as the hammer for disciplinary actions, that there weren’t enough layers for administering personnel actions(administrative, EPRs, etc). This led to the topic coming up to bring in more AD support personnel of more senior level than the 10 airman to absorb some of the DET leaderships tasks.