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The Vermont Air National Guard is the proud home of the 158th Fighter Wing. Federally recognized in August of 1946 with the 134th Fighter Squadron, the Green Mountain Boys began their first flying mission with the F-47 and historically became the first Air National Guard unit to base the F-35A Lightning II, the most advanced and capable weapon system in the U.S. Air Force, in September 2019.

With roots as a small militia led by Ethan Allen in 1775, this all-volunteer force continues their legacy by serving a dual mission: serving the communities of Vermont and supporting combatant commanders around the world. Most notably, the Vermont Air National Guard delivered critical support to the state with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, provided emergency response efforts during Tropical Storm Irene, and launched the famed F-16 fighting falcons in the skies over New York within hours after the 9/11 attacks.

As the 134th Fighter Squadron celebrates their 75th anniversary in 2021, the Green Mountain Boys welcome you to explore their website and learn more about their history, leadershipcurrent news, as well as career opportunities within the Vermont Air National Guard.



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No Drone Zone

The Vermont Air National Guard base, as well as Burlington International Airport (BTV), is a No-Drone Zone. It is illegal to fly an unmanned aircraft within approximately 5 miles of VTANG or BTV without prior approval from the FAA. Violators are subject to seizure and legal actions.

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