The 158th Operations Group consists of the following elements: Operations Support Squadron and Operations Squadron.

  • Operations Support Squadron is composed of the following flights: Weapons and Tactics Flight, Airfield Operations Flight, Aircrew Flight Equipment, Intelligence, Operations Plans Flight and ATCALS Maintenance Flight.

    • Weapons and Tactics Flight: Develops procedures and unit tactics for planning and employing operational mission and wing assets. Advises wing staff on operational capabilities, limitations and status of resources.

    • Airfield Operations Flight: Provides airfield management and air traffic operations services to the base flying wing- transient and civil users. These services can include control towers, radars operations and base operations functions.

    • Aircrew Flight Equipment: Performs functions that enhance aircrew performance and preserve human lives through proper equipment integration of the human and the weapons systems. Issues, fits, repairs and maintains critical mission performance and lifesaving equipment- such as parachutes, oxygen systems and aircrew helmets.

    • Intelligence: provides intelligence support for the wing during all phases of conflict(s) and decision making. Trains and prepares aircrew and members for contingency and wartime missions as applicable by area(s) of operation to maintain an adaptive and operationally conducive posture.  

    • Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems (ATCALS): Supporting the operation and maintenance of radar, navigational aids, weather, and ATC radio systems.

  • Operations Squadron functions to provide flying weapons systems and crews as well as mission/mobility planning, weapons/tactics, scheduling, training, standardization/evaluation, C4 (command, control, communications and computer), aviation resource management, squadron medical element and administration.


Airfield Management
Aircrew Flight Equipment


Operations Commander