TSGT Frank Sapone

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Hi, I’m Technical Sergeant Frank Sapone. I’ve been a member of the Vermont Air National Guard since 2010. I reenlisted after a 20-year break from Active Duty Air Force. I currently live in Saranac Lake, NY and enjoy everything this mountain town has to offer. My family and I spend a lot of time boating, fishing and hunting. 

I joined the Air Force at the age of 17 after carefully contemplating whether or not to go to college for accounting. I chose the Air Force route and have never regretted it. It taught me a trade in communications which molded my whole life afterwards. I was able to secure a job with a large communications firm, and after 28 years, I am still with them. I eventually did complete my Bachelors degree in Business with help of the GI Bill and went on to raise a family and put three children through college. I was able to transfer my Post 9/11 GI Bill to my youngest daughter who will now be obtaining her masters degree for free. 

The Vermont Air National Guard has reinvigorated me and is securing my future with a pension and medical benefits when I turn 60. If you are prior service and in your 40’s, reach out to me and I can help you rediscover that military experience you had years earlier. If you are in high school or have children in high school, explore the idea of taking a gap year before college. Looking for a new skill? We have over 80 different career fields at the Vermont Air National Guard that can secure your future. I look forward to helping you become a part of our unit.

“Open every door in life - You have the key to your destiny."