My name is Jesse Ranslow. I have always been a New Englander. I grew up in Connecticut and joined the Air Force just after Sept. 11, 2001. I traveled the World and experienced things I never could have outside of the Air Force.

After I completed my first enlistment, I moved to Vermont because I love to snowboard. It’s here I met my wife before returning to the Air Force. We have two sons and enjoy everything outdoors. After multiple moves across the country, we decided it’d be best to settle down and plant our roots where we want to raise our kids, in Vermont.

In May of 2017, I joined the Green Mountain Boy Family and my family and I are having our best military experience. The Vermont Air National Guard has become an extended family to us.

The service has paid for my associate’s degree in Human Resources and my bachelor’s degree in Business. I have also gained great work experiences that will build a resume employers are looking for when I take my next step in life. I currently appreciate other benefits from the Air National Guard such as our affordable health care and retirement plan.

There are no limits to what I can accomplish with the Air National Guard, and you can have the opportunity too!