Most, if not all Air Force bases or “units”, are comprised of the following structure:

The organizational entity consisting of a headquarters unit and its subordinate units. Typically, the subordinate unit assumes the name of the overarching headquarters. For example, Air Mobility Command (“AMC”) or, Air Combat Command (“ACC”) is a designation for an established command. Subordinate units are assigned to the establishment and not to the headquarters unit.

The Vermont Air National Guard is a fighter unit, commonly known as the 158th Fighter Wing. The Wing itself is composed of various subordinate Groups. Groups are composed of various subordinate Squadrons that have their own functions and responsibilities that support the efforts and mission to their assigned Group. Squadrons are typically composed of multiple flights that support a variety of mission oriented functions.

In other branches of service, such as the Marine Corps and Army, a Wing is of comparable size to a Regiment, Groups are comparable to Battalions; Squadrons to Company and Fights to Platoons.